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Chapter Five – Psychology Applied to Advertising

1912  Now, consider point #2 from the previous Chapter (Knowing What Makes People Buy). Knowing what makes people buy This is probably the least understood principle in marketing. The fact is, people have been sold to by the same techniques for centuries. Why? Because...

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Chapter Four – Writing Good Copy

1912  Ask any top marketer today and they may tell you that the secret to their success is attributable to two things: the ability to write, and recognize, good copy knowing what makes people buy If you understand these two points, and understand them well, you will...

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Chapter Three – Science Applied To Advertising

1908   Kennedy must have been a hard act to follow. But Lasker did replace him with a man who made an even greater overall contribution to the advertising world than Kennedy did. Kennedy's replacement was called:  Claude C. Hopkins And what a true pioneer he proved to...

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Chapter Two  –  It All Started Here

Chapter Two – It All Started Here

1904   It was on one May evening that former Canadian mountie, John E. Kennedy, sent a note to the head of Lord and Thomas. This is what the note looked like: Ambrose Thomas, the head of Lord and Thomas, dismissed the note as arrogance. But his junior partner, Albert...

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Chapter One – Early Beginnings

This first Chapter is a brief history of events leading up to the appearance of John E. Kennedy. But it highlights a few milestones in advertising. 1704   The first newspaper ad appeared. It was in a Boston Newsletter and sought a buyer for an estate in Oyster Bay,...

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