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“The Amazing Story of How One Tiny Idea on Page 16 of an 86 Year Old Manuscript Made Me An Extra $16,778.39 In Just One Week… And Put Me on The Road To Building A $1,213,578.97 Business”

Discover How You Can Get This Exact Same Long-Lost (and Nearly Forgotten) Resource for Yourself – Plus 3 Others, to Outsmart, Outwit and Outpace Any Competition

(And it doesn’t matter if your business is offline or online)

June 22, 2024

From: Peter Woodhead

Dear Friend,

It’s truly amazing! …

Not even twelve months ago, I was struggling. Struggling even to make ends meet. I had a king-size mortgage around my neck; I was overdrawn at the bank and had credit cards all maxed out. What a mess!

Something had to change, and change fast…

I’d started a fledgling business to add to my existing business, but things were going so slow. Too slow for me to get out of my money troubles.

Then a chance meeting with a marketing expert proved to be a significant turning point. I explained to him what my problems were, and he suggested that I got hold of a copy of a little known marketing manuscript that he had used. The very book that he has consistently used to good effect.

He raved about the simplicity of this book, written well over a half-century ago, and how the proven words and phrases still worked like magic in today’s markets.

So, I immediately schlepped off to my downtown book store to order a copy. You can imagine my shock and horror when they explained to me that this book had been out of print for over 50 years.

I then tried my local library – no joy there either.

I thought I’m sure to get a copy on Amazon or some other on-line bookstore. I looked and I searched and I just couldn’t find a copy – anywhere.

Then I tried one more site,, and found it, (or so I thought). However, when the confirmation came through it was an error and it wasn’t available after all. What a disappointment! I couldn’t believe it.

Later that week I got back in touch with my marketing expert friend and explained to him that I tried and tried to find this elusive book but to no avail.

He just laughed at me and explained that I would have difficulty finding it anywhere, and others like it.

I guess he just wanted to see how determined I was to get hold of a copy. But I was very determined. In the end I suggested that he loan me his copy on the proviso that I absolutely promise to return it.

But not only was this book hard to get hold of, I spent a considerable amount of time attaining the rights to re-publish this incredible work. I had to contact a specialist attorney, who, finally got me exclusive permission to re-publish.

But I’m glad that I did because on Page 16 of that book I found something so simple, so fundamental, I’d never considered it before.

In Chapter 3 of that book, the author introduced one of his “rules” which stated that you need to: “Say It With Flowers” – or as “translated” by the author – you should prove your statements.

Show people that you mean what you say. Develop a form of showmanship.

Just before I started marketing online seriously, I had another business – one that I struggled with and didn’t do too well.

It didn’t seem to matter what I did, I couldn’t make a go of it.  But after reading this book I decided to put into practice the author’s Number 3 rule – as just alluded to.

My business had stock that I wanted to shift but no amount of advertising barely made a dent in the inventory I was lumbered with.

What could I do?

I changed my marketing and made sure that my target audience knew I was sincere in what I was offering (in this instance it was the licensing of a particular product.

Back then, most of my marketing was face to face (yet another reason why I wanted to get out and start an online business).

You see, my background never was marketing.  I was an engineer.  A profession that served me well but I wanted out – for lots of reasons.  Marketing did not come easy to me – maybe that’s why I struggled.

But after my chance meeting with my marketing young gun, I sensed things were going to change – and for the better.

I offered those “stuck with me” products by license at a meeting I arranged and instead of being lumbered with them – I had to order more.

I sold the lot with that one face-to-face meeting.  That’s what netted me almost seventeen thousand dollars – in less than a week.

Who Would Have Ever Thought
That The Secret To My Success Today
Was Hiding in This Long Lost Marketing Classic

The Best Part Is… Now You Too, Can Get Your Hands on This Long Lost Secret

What a discovery! The book was called “Tested Sentences That Sell” by Elmer Wheeler.

Go ahead and try looking for it – it’s nearly impossible to locate in its original state.

I read that Elmer Wheeler book in the very first evening and then another three times before I really appreciated the wisdom within its covers. The guy was a sheer marketing genius.

You see, in 1937 Corporations throughout the country commissioned Wheeler to set up his “Word Laboratories” and find out winning sentences to sell their goods. Wheeler realized that it was the sales people in the stores that weren’t asking the right questions to their customers.

So he tried and tested 105,000 sentences on over 19,000,000 customers (such a feat would not be viable nowadays). He found out exactly what sentences worked like gangbusters. And those same sentences still work today. I know, because I’ve tried them.

And one in particular, on Page 16, worked for me rather spectacularly. So much so that it turned my business around and now I’m looking at a $1,000,000.00+ operation which is growing fast.

Now, I just couldn’t let this incredible information stay lost forever. I wanted to let everyone know about it. So I decided to resurrect it and make it available.

“Whenever anyone asks me about how to succeed in Internet Marketing, I always direct them to the mail order and advertising classics of the pre-internet age. The information in these books is a literal gold mine for anyone smart enough to take advantage of them.

“Peter Woodhead has done all marketers – beginners and advanced – a tremendous service by assembling this packge of truly hard-to-find classics and making it available at such a modest price.”

Ken McCarthy

Pioneer Internet Marketer,

It’s Crazy, But The Secrets To Your Marketing Success Could Be Sitting in This Long-Lost Manuscript and Others Like It

The words and phrases that Wheeler tested and found to work were so simple that anyone could have thought them up. But so original, that no one ever did.

Inside “Tested Sentences That Sell” you’ll get:

32 Chapters of straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense ideas that will help you sell more. Such as:

  • Everybody’s heard: “don’t sell the steak – sell the sizzle”, right? Well, it was Elmer Wheeler that originally coined the phrase. But if you really want the low-down on how to sell the sizzle, you’ll need to devour Chapter 1
  • Play to your prospects hot emotional buttons with these three unique formulas. Find out how on page 25
  • Discover the triggers that tell you your customer is sold. Go to page 58
  • Sell to 80% of your audience by using these three basic human motives. Hint: none of them are Greed or Fear. To find out what they are turn to page 30
  • How to use human emotion to change a negative response into a positive one and grab more sales practically overnight. This secret can be found on page 86
  • Your customers don’t want to be sold to but they do want to buy. Unlock your customers’ buying motives and they will be begging to send money to you. See page 55
  • You can get 7 out of every 10 of your prospects to buy if you implement this simple law. See what it is on page 29
  • Provide an easy cure for your customers problems by using these two words. You won’t believe how simple this is but find out on page 70
  • Find out why less means more and tested research proves that you will make more sales using this technique (see page 56)
  • 9 facts that you need to know to distinguish you from your competitors. What are they? See page 88
  • Overcome price resistance by using this one simple rule. Find out what it is on page 131

And if that’s not enough, look closely at these:

    • Want to get even the most skeptical prospect to order? See how on page 56
    •  If you want to get more out of your customers, what should you be asking for? The answer is on page 48
    • How to make your sale stick like glue with your prospect and what tactics will never get you a sale (page 23)
    • Use this one word to turn a “lost” customer into your next sale. This technique can be found on page 92
    • It sounds crazy, but your prospect needs baiting. Use this technique to get your prospects snapping at what you have to offer. Find out what it is on page 125
    • Get the right response from people every time by making this minor tweak to your presentation. What is it? Page 76 reveals all
    • Just how many words should you use to grab your prospects’ attention. Find out on page 40
    • Quick and easy techniques to get “yes” answers from your prospects. You’ll see how on page 63
    • One word to use repeatedly that will guarantee you get a positive response. I promise this will shock you! (page 12)
    • Ready for closing? Get an order every time with this simple question. You’ll find what this is on page 5
    “The ideas in this book are so simple, so down to earth, it’s amazing everybody doesn’t use them. Even 30 year veteran sales people don’t know a tiny fraction of all these secrets.”

    If these simple sentences worked for me. They can work for you too, in your business no matter what line you’re in. This one title alone solved my money problems.

    But my marketing friend had got me curious. He said that I wouldn’t be able to find this book he so ardently recommended – he was right there. But he also let slip that other books similar to Wheeler’s were also hard to find and that they too contained gems of information that were not widely available.

    I didn’t pester him again to find out exactly what he meant but being an inquisitive type I thought I’d investigate a little deeper.

    Sure enough, talking to other top marketers I discovered that some classic manuscripts written over 80 years ago were also their “secret” resources.

    But, the big problem is…

    I’ve Done All The Work and Searching So You Don’t Have To

    You Won’t Find Any Of These Long Lost Marketing Classics In Any Bookstore. They’re Out Of Print And Practically Impossible To Find

    So I searched and I searched, I really dug deep. I spoke to expert after expert, scoured antique bookshops, and online bookstores. I became so determined. I eventually managed to drag out the titles that I should be looking for from top marketers. It was like pulling teeth. This way I found 3 other titles that, after discussion with experts, these were the exact same manuscripts they had actually used to perfect their own marketing.

    Now I knew I was onto something.

    Even searching for these long lost classics was a well-kept secret. The majority of people just didn’t want to tell me where these were.

    Why all the secrecy?” I asked. My friends explained that if everybody knew about the secrets contained within these classics, then they wouldn’t be secrets any more – would they?

    But I found them. One of them I found fairly easily, but the other two took some time. Knowing where to look and having a lot of patience was the key. I eventually made an arrangement with a specialist book-seller. And he didn’t come cheap!

    Now that I found all 4 of these elusive, almost forgotten manuscripts,

    I felt that I just couldn’t keep them all to myself (of course part of me wanted to). I knew there were so many businesses out there that desperately need more customers and that are in the same boat as I was when I started. I wanted to make all 4 of these classics available as a package. So I decided to contact my marketing friend to find the best way to do this.

    Yanik Silver and Peter Woodhead presented $10,000 check to Phil Gosling at the London Underground Seminar

    And who did I talk to?

    Well, my marketing friend was none other than Yanik Silver, a top, top marketer both online and off.  Now when I told Yanik what I wanted to do – he jumped at the chance to jointly put out this package of four forgotten classics with me.  (Especially because these works are easily responsible for adding six figures every year to his business!)

    Imagine This… Four Secrets That Will Change Your Business Forever


    Four Long Lost Marketing Classics That Reveal The Secrets To Achieving Your Marketing and Advertising Success and Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors

    Suppose that you could get your hands on these 4 long-lost classics. Just think of the tremendous edge you would have over your competitors.

    Think about it. Any one secret or idea contained within these hard-to-get classics could transform your business. But there’s not just one, but literally scores of great ideas hidden away in them.

    You may be thinking: “But my business is different.”

    But by studying these manuscripts and applying the ideas, you’ll find that the secrets within, work just as well regardless of what business you’re in. And just because they were written almost a century ago, it doesn’t mean that those same principles don’t work in today’s market – because they do.

    The laws of selling and advertising haven’t changed over the years.

    Even if you were to go back to the days of Caesar, these secrets would have worked. Because human nature just hasn’t changed one iota.

    They would have worked then, they worked for the legendary marketing giants that wrote them, they’ve worked for us, now they can work for you. But here’s a simple way to find out if this information will work for you.

    Answer these questions:

      "Do you need more customers?"

      “Do you want those customers to spend more with you?”

      “Do you want your customers to return over and over again?”

      “Do you want them to refer their friends?”

      If you answered “yes” to any of these, then you’ll find these four manuscripts are exactly what you’ve been looking for.


      It doesn’t matter if you sell online, off-line or a bit of both – the secrets contained within these 4 classics will help you grow your business with immediate effect.

      “What an incredible collection of absolutely priceless ‘gems’ you’ve put together in Long Lost Marketing Secrets! This is truly a MUST HAVE and MUST READ for any serious business person … no matter what type of business they’re in.

      “My personal mentor once told me: ‘Build your own library of important books in your field. Never be cheap about your education. Ask the successful people around you for their best book recommendations.

      “Whatever advice they give you, immediately go out and buy those books, take them home and begin reading for one hour every morning before you start work. And as you read, underline and take notes when you find important ideas that you can use. Implement them immediately. Take action of some kind on good ideas. You will be amazed at the change in your career.

      “The books you’ve put together have changed careers for people in the past … and they will continue to do so. Thank you for making these classics available to all of us.”

      Leigh Beaty

      I Know It Sounds Almost Impossible, But Think About This One Thought…

      Could The Secret to Marketing Success Be Found in These 4 Long Lost Classics Written Nearly a Century Ago? You Need To Find Out!

      On top of our highly recommended, “Tested Sentences That Sell”, you will also get 3 other classic manuscripts in a package called: “Long Lost Marketing Secrets.”

      The other 3 marketing gems are:

      Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins

      72 Master Letters and What Made Them Pay” by A.W. Shaw.

      The Psychology of Advertising” by Professor Walter Dill Scott

      Now Is Your Time To Act… Don’t Wait On This

      Uncover The Forgotten Secrets Within These Long Lost Manuscripts Written Almost 100 Years Ago and Find Out How You Can Make Your Fortune Just Like The Advertising Giants Did That Wrote Them

      Each of these classics is jam-packed with secrets. Some techniques and phrases well-known today were actually invented by these geniuses of marketing. But there are also lots of hidden “nuggets” in these manuscripts. Many secrets that are long forgotten and not widely used today.

      First, You’ll Get:

      Rare Marketing Manuscript # 2: “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins

      You may have heard of Claude Hopkins. He’s the guy that pioneered market testing; free samples; risk-free trials; coupons; “pre-emptive” strikes; and money-back guarantees. Ask every direct response marketer or advertiser and they will all mention this incredible resource.

      When you place your order today, you’ll gain instant access to this amazing marketing classic. Businesses around the world, have been changed overnight from this one book alone.

      Could your business be the next to see a massive change?

      It doesn’t matter if you sell online, off-line or a bit of both – the secrets contained within these  4 classics will help you grow your business with immediate effect.

      ” Nobody, at any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times. It changed the course of my life. “

      David Ogilvy

      Marketing Legend

      You may need to read this one seven times as well, just like David Ogilvy did. So far, we’ve each read it at least six times and pick out new bits and pieces every time.

      Here are just a few incredible gems you’ll find in this book:

      •  Not many people really know what this is. But if you can understand this one simple secret, you will go on to make your fortune. See Chapter 2
      • Understand why your customers want to buy from you, and be streets ahead of your competitors. Find out what this is on page 19
      • Do this after you have your prospect’s attention, and you will never fail. The secret’s out, on page 25
      • Everyone knows to test, right? On page 49 you’ll find out why you can’t always rely on testing
      • A simple technique to get your prospects to take action – now. This one works every time. See how on page 14
      • It’s a sad fact that most direct mail letters end up in the rubbish. Here’s how to ensure yours get read. Turn to page 16
      • If you want your prospect to reply to your advertising, you simply must use this. Find out what on Page 21
      • 3 simple ways to prevent your advertising campaign from being a colossal disaster, see how on Page 59
      • One thing you must not do in your advertising. In fact, it works tremendously well if you do the exact opposite. To discover what this is, go straight to page 30
      • 2 statistics that every marketer should know if he is to profit. This is great for the internet. See page 44
      • How to avoid one of the biggest mistakes in advertising. Page 18 reveals what this is
      • If you want to create a unique USP, then you need to do this. What is it? Find out on page 32
      • Advertising is not some hit or miss affair, you must take this out of your advertising if you are to succeed. Find out what on page 13
      • Get your prospects to tell you what they want. This technique will work well for you. To see what it is, turn to page 44
      • Just one word that you simply must understand if you are to prosper. To find out what this is, go to Chapter 6
      • Gain instant credibility by using this simple technique. See Page 83

      Psychology Of Advertising

      Rare Marketing Manuscript # 3: “The Psychology of Advertising” by Professor Walter Dill Scott.

      This little-known book was discovered in Max Sackheim’s: “My First 60 Years in Advertising”. Max Sackheim is the mail-order genius famous for the classic headline: “Do You Make These Mistakes in English” that ran un- challenged for over 40 years (a record that still remains unbeaten).

      According to Scott, consumer suggestibility was based on three factors: emotion, sympathy, and sentimentality. He believed that advertising was primarily a persuasive tool, rather than an informational device, and that advertising had its effect on consumers in a nearly hypnotic manner. People were thought to be highly susceptible to suggestion, as long as suggestion was available to them under a variety of conditions.

      Here’s what Maxwell Sackheim said about this work:

      Here’s what he says about this work:

      ” The only book on advertising I read as a youth was written by Professor Walter Dill Scott of North Eastern University and was titled ‘The Psychology of Advertising’. I still think it is one of the finest books ever written on the subject – and that his formula for successful advertising has never been surpassed. “

      Maxwell Sackheim

      Creator Of “Book Of The Month” Club And Mail Order Guru

      After learning that, we didn’t need much convincing that we should read this book and find out all the secrets it told.

      This book is an absolute treasure trove of psychological reasoning and insight into what makes people buy and respond to advertising.

      Although some of the material is dated – the concepts are just as valid today as they were nearly a century ago when Professor Scott first introduced them. In fact, it’s a fair bet that not 1 in 100 so-called “gurus” could even tell you who Professor Scott was. But their borrowed ideas and much of their “secret” information is probably derived from what he discovered all those years ago.

      To be honest with you. This is a classic manuscript, for sure, and it is fairly hard to read, the secrets are in there but, you’ve just got to search a little bit harder that’s all. You may want to read this book several times before some of the points are rammed home to you.

      However, you don’t necessarily have to do that. Some of the out-dated material has been edited out by us and the bullet points below highlight all the most important points for you, so you can get straight down to the nitty-gritty:

      • Use the irresistible power of “direct commands” to achieve immediate action to your ads. Professor Scott found certain words that work wonders. This is on page 137
      • The little-known psychological trigger to gaining a prospect’s immediate attention. Find this on page 19
      • Solve one of the biggest problems all advertisers face – getting attention! Here are 4 psychological principles that really work. You’ll find them on page 88
      • The 5 immutable laws of “idea association”. Find out on page 57 why you need to start using these.
      • 4 secrets to making your ad stick to a prospect’s memory like Velcro. Most people forget any message within 2 seconds – don’t let that happen to your ad with the information on page 10
      • One glaring mistake most companies make (even today) that are costing them thousands in lost sales. Could you be making this same glaring mistake? You’ll never know unless you go to page 34
      • 9 ways to awaken the prospect’s imagination and get them to buy even if they cannot see, touch, taste or hear your product or service (perfect for the internet). See what this is on page 37

      And this is just the tip of the iceberg – because you’ll also discover:

      •  What “triggers” you can use to enter your prospects’ mind just as they’re thinking of your product or service. You’ll find what they are on page 64
      • 2 ways you can use the power of suggestion to create immediate action. See page 50
      • How to make your product or service so well known that your competitors ads will actually work for you. Find out how on page 33
      • 3 key points to making “fusion” work for you – instead of against your ad. Very important for any kind of product that needs a credibility boost. See page 102
      • Discover the 5 steps all prospects use before they decide to buy. Understand these and you can be on your way to a fortune. What are they? Find out on page 64
      • What to do so that your product or service is the only possible choice a prospect can make. Find out the two ways to make sure that this happens. See page 131
      • The top 7 reasons why customers buy (hint: price is NOT #1). Turn to page 72
      • What kind of pictures succeed to attracting attention. See page 12

      At 140 pages, this one advertising classic would be worth every cent of this special offer.

      But there’s still more…

      Rare Marketing Manuscript #4: “72 Master Letters and What Made Them Pay” by A.W. Shaw.

      5,063 letters were analyzed and only 72 were chosen based only by the results achieved (the only real measure of success).

      The outcome was an incredible collection of 72 letters analyzed and dissected for you. You can copy, amend and use any of these letters. Use them as templates for your own mailings or just get the ideas to write your own and catapult your company’s profits.

      • How to absolutely, positively guarantee prospects will read your letters instead of trashing them
      • Use these different techniques in your letters and watch your sales grow. On page 19
      • There is one single most important item for every situation that you simply must use. Find out what this is on page 84
      • Learn how to target a specific market. Your competitors won’t know this one. Find out on page 22
      • Avoid this frequently over-used word in your letters. To find out what it is, turn to page 30
      • Six prime motives that are absolutely essential if you want to appeal to your prospects buying instincts. Go to page 59 to see what these are.
      • See letters written with no motives and how weak and wishy-washy they are. Turn this type of letter around by referring to page 62
      • Enhance your letters and improve your response using these simple techniques. See what they are on page 68
      • Get your prospects to reply to your letters. Every time. See how on page 75
      • Profit from finding the big “ideas” for your letters. Page 84
      • Do not include this in your writings if you want to write a successful letter. Page 96
      • Gain your prospects’ attention by doing this. To see what this is go to page 103
      • Calculate what your response will be from this one single factor. What is it? See page 104
      • Get your prospects responding immediately with this neat little trick. See how on page 111
      • These two compelling ways will convince your prospects that your product or service is to their advantage. I bet none of your competitors use these. See what they are on page 121
      • Every business person wants customers to take action. Here’s two guaranteed ways to get your prospects champing at the bit. See how on page 125

      Top marketers rave about these classics.

      Here’s what $9 Billion+ publisher Ted Nicholas had to say about these secrets:


      “You have done a great job in breathing life back to these old works. Books written all those years ago were not just good then, they are even better than books written today.

      “Don’t stop doing it, I know you find some real nuggets of gold.”

      Ted Nicholas

      Billion Dollar Publisher

      These 4 Priceless Marketing Classics
      Are A Must For Your Resource Library

      Surely, you’ll agree that “Long Lost Marketing Secrets” is indeed a whopping collection of really hard-to-find classics that contain a whole wealth of information.

      Information that has only been available to the privileged few. Over the last 80 years or so, the secrets contained within these manuscripts have been slowly left behind and forgotten. The few that did know of their existence clearly kept this to themselves (and with good reason).

      But now, they’re not a secret anymore. You can get them right here.

      So, What’s The Cost of This Incredible Collection?

      Not as much as you may think. And certainly nowhere near the amount you’d pay to track them down yourselves (even if you could). Frankly, one of these classics cost over $150 and another over $100. The Elmer Wheeler copy was actually borrowed, but it was still painstakingly hard to get hold of.

      Truth is, Walter Dill Scott’s 1908 classic cost over $100. But you get it as part of this amazing package, for a fraction of that.

      In fact, we challenge anybody to find these – anywhere.

      However, instead of banging your head against a brick wall looking for these long-lost manuscripts – you can grab all 4 right here for only $97.


      No, that’s not a mis-print.

      And, that’s still not all, because…to make this offer absolutely irresistible to anybody who is serious about wanting to grow their business….

      You Also Get 4 Free Bonuses
      For Acting Immediately

      Yes,4 exclusive Free Bonus items are included if you act now. These alone are worth much more than the $97 asking price. Just take a look:

      BONUS #1

      Obvious Adams by John Updegraff

      Total Value: $37

      Obvious Adams

      Here’s the story of a young man who rose from mediocrity to become a successful (and rich) businessman; copywriter and then vice-president of the company.

      This book, written over 80 years ago contains lessons that apply equally well in todays’ markets. His commonsensical approach to problem-solving made his contemporaries whack themselves on their heads at the simplicity of it all. And that’s why you could profit by reading and applying Adams’ wisdom.

      Adams’ “Back to Basics” methods dug-out the facts, found out what people wanted, and just gave it to them. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Adams thought so. And so should you. Take a leaf out of Adams’ methods to out-think, and out-maneuvre your opposition.

      And even today, just as in Adams’ time, marketers want to over-complicate matters.

      Just don’t do it! Keep it simple! Use Adams’ approach to simplify situations and out-smart your competitors. Just like Adams, look for the obvious benefit. His clients couldn’t see it because they were too close to the problem.

      David Ogilvy and Ted Nicholas each recommend this book.

      You can learn lots from Adams and how he applied his logic and use it to your advantage.

      BONUS #2

      41 Great Ads and What Made Them Great

      Total Value: $29.95

      Here is a unique selection of 41 of the greatest ads ever written, together with a short analysis of why they worked for their creators and why you should study them.

      Among these you will find: Claude Hopkins’ successful Pepsodent campaign; Maxwell Sackheim’s “Do You Make These Mistakes in English?”; John Caples’ “They Laughed at Me When I Sat Down at The Piano”; and David Ogilvy’s “At 60mph, The Loudest Noise From This Rolls Royce Comes From The Electric Clock.” And many other proven winners.

      This collection deserves careful study. Use the “big Idea” behind these money makers for your promotions.

      You won’t find this exclusive collection of ads anywhere else.

      BONUS #3

      82 Rules of Advertising by Louis Rommel Jr.

      Total Value: $19.97

      Although written about 100 years ago, this ‘check-list’ is just as valid today as it was then. It will ensure your ad has all the ingredients of success.

      Pre-test your ads with this secret check-list and you will never worry about your ads pulling again.

      It worked 100 years ago, it can still work for you today.

      Even Yanik hadn’t seen this check-list before until we discovered it in an old advertising magazine. He immediately added it to his “top drawer” of copywriting material in his office.

      Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Today!

      BONUS #4

      Reason Why Advertising by John E. Kennedy

      Total Value: $29.95

      In 1905 (some historians say it was 1904 ), John E. Kennedy had a meeting with Albert D. Lasker who was a partner at Lord and Thomas advertising agency in Chicago. During their meeting Kennedy said, “Advertising is a very simple thing. I can give it to you in three words, it is ‘salesmanship in print’ Lasker was so impressed with Kennedy that he offered him the opportunity to prove the effectiveness of his advertising concepts. After that meeting, Kennedy went to work for Lord & Thomas and became the highest paid copywriter in the industry.

      In addition to “Salesmanship-In-Print”, Kennedy taught Lasker another simple and effective concept that he called “Reason Why Advertising”, in which you give a reason why people should want your product or service.

      You’ll experience difficulty finding all of these anywhere else.

      “This is a welcome addition to my advertising and marketing library. You really have uncovered some gems … I was a little skeptical at first but after reading all of them I can see some immediate applications for these old secrets in some of my current marketing.

      I love the ‘Obvious Adams’ bonus, this alone will repay the investment in Long Lost Marketing Secrets, his story has inspired me to re-think my marketing copy for a complex product we have … the story made it so obvious!”

      Ross Stokes

      60-Day Money Back Guarantee

      If for whatever reason (or no reason at all) during the FIRST 60 days of your purchase, you are not satisfied with our product, simply submit a refund request to our retailer at and their support team will issue you an immediate and full refund.

      “Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee”

      Your success in using these powerful long-lost secrets is unconditionally guaranteed. Here’s our 100% iron-clad, bullet-proof, no quibble, no-hassle, no-probs, money-back guarantee:

      Our Personal 100% No-Hassle Guarantee

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